Parent Affidavit Help

Parent Affidavit Help

OHIO DPS Rules : The State of Ohio requires that students verify their identity before the course can be started. 

I need to submit a Parent Affidavit.

If you weren't validated through our automatic process, the State of Ohio requires that you submit a notarized affidavit to us.

1) The form you need:    >> Click Here >>.

2)  We can not accept the 24 hr affidavit. That is not the correct form.

3) What do I need to do with the affidavit?

  1. Download and print the affidavit. You can print it from home, the library, or somewhere else. Some stores such as FedEx or Office Depot offer printing services. If you can’t print it out right now, you can come back to the website and print it later. See Notary locations below for your convenience.
  2. Fill out and sign the document and have it notarized. Make sure you put in all of your information, then have a notary sign and stamp the form. You can get the completed document notarized at many local libraries and banks for FREE. 
  3. Login and upload it back from the COURSES page. You can do this by either taking a photo of from your phone or you cab scan it with a scanner. Whether on your phone or a desktop computer, you can easiyly upload it to your account by logging in and clicking on COURSES, then “Upload Affidavit” BLUE button. 
Make sure you send us the correct 2Cool Traffic School Affidavit — We cannot accept the one you get from the BMV (the 24 hour affidavit).

4)  Notary Locations:

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