Ohio Driver Education Training Certificates

When will I get my certificate?

Certificates for the Ohio courses are all available for download after completion of the course. This includes:

1. Completing all chapters/units in the course 

    1. 24 Hour Driver's Ed
      1. Introduction
      2. 10 Units
    2. Abbreviated Adult Course
      1. Introduction
      2. 6 Chapters
    3. Adult Remedial Course
      1. Introduction
      2. 19 Units

2. Passing the test at the end of the course

    1. 24 Hour Driver's Ed
      1. 50 questions
      2. 75% to pass
      3. 3 attempts before starting course over
    2. Abbreviated Adult Course
      1. 20 questions
      2. 75% to pass
      3. 3 attempts before starting course over
    3. Adult Remedial Course
      1. 40 questions
      2. 75% to pass
      3. 2 attempts before starting course over

3. Spending the minimum time required in the course

    1. 24 Hour Driver's Ed: 24 hours minimum
    2. Abbreviated Adult Course: 4 hours minimum
    3. Adult Remedial Course: 8 hours minimum

Where can I download my certificate?

1. Login to you account and click "certificates" in the left hand menu OR click "View" next to "My Certificates" on your account overview.

2. Next to your course, click the blue button "Download Certificate" to download your certificate. You are able to download your certificate whenever you need it and as many times as you need.

If you downloaded your certificate and there is a mistake on it, you will need to request a replacement. Use THIS ARTICLE to help you with that process.
If you do not see your certificate on your certificate page, that means that you have not completed the course by completing all of the chapters/units, passed the final exam, and/or spent the minimum amount of time required in the course. On your course's table of contents, you can see the requirements and if they have been met on the right hand side.
24 Hour Driver's Ed

Abbreviated Adult Course

Adult Remedial Course

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