I'm locked out of my course

I'm locked out of my course

Florida, Wisconsin or Tennessee

Failed too many personal validation questions.
If you fail too many personal validation questions (in some cases, as few as one), then you will be locked out of the course. You will need to call us and verify the answers to your personal validation questions before we can unlock the course for you.


#1: Spent the maximum amount of time allowable by the OH DPS in any course in a 24 hour period of time. 
The course will automatically let you return once you enter a new 24 hour period. The clock resets at midnight.
  1. You can only spend 4 hours maximum per day in the 24hr Teen Driver's Ed Course.
  2. You can only spend 6 hours maximum per day in the Abbreviated Adult Driver Training Course. 
  3. There is no maximum amount of hours for the Remedial Adult Course.

#2: Failed too many personal validation questions.
If you didn't answer a personal validation question correctly, you will immediately be shown another. If you fail both of them in a row, you will automatically be locked out of the course for 24 hours. After waiting, you can come back to the course and continue.

#3: You are required by the OH DPS to take a short break ( Teen Driver's Ed Course Only )
The course will be available for you again as soon as your required break is over. 

#4: Failed the final exam.
If you fail the final exam, the OH DPS requires that you wait 24 hours before you can try again. After 24 hours, you will be able to take the exam again.

#5: Failed the final exam three times (Teen Driver's Ed and Abbreviated Adult Course) or two times (Remedial Adult Course).
If you have failed the final exam three/two times, then the State of Ohio requires you to retake the entire course. Unfortunately, since this is a state requirement, there's no way around this. However, we won't make you pay for the course again if this happens! Please reach out to us and we'll give you the course again for free. 

New York

#1: Failed Phone Verification 
You failed your phone verification and must wait 24 hours before being able to attempt the phone verification again. After returning after 24 hours, students will be prompted to initiate the voice verification again before being allowed to continue. For information, click HERE.

#2: Failed 3 Personal Validation Questions (PVQs)
Per the rules of the New York DMV, students who fail to answer 3 of their PVQs must be locked out of their course and re-enroll into the course, starting from the beginning.

#3: Failed a unit exam 3 times.
Per the rules of the New York DMV, students who fail a content quiz (unit exam) must be locked out of their course and re-enroll into the course, starting from the beginning.
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