How do I start my Ohio 24hr Teen Driver's Ed course?

How do I start my Ohio 24hr Teen Driver's Ed course?

OHIO EXCLUSIVE: This applies to any student who has registered for the teen driver's ed course for Ohio, but hasn't started the course yet.

Step 1: View the Dashboard

After you log in, you will be taken to your account dashboard where you will see your course. Navigate to the "My Courses" screen by clicking "Courses" located under your name OR by clicking "View" under the My Courses category.

Click the "Continue" button beside your course. 

Read the quick overview about the course process and getting a license.  Then, click "Continue."

Note: You will need your parent or guardian to assist you during the terms and ID verification process. Click "Continue" to view the terms.

Step 2: View and Accept the Terms and Conditions

Where indicated on the screen, enter: 
  1. The date of birth for the student
  2. The student’s permit number (if one has been issued)
  3. The student’s name to acknowledge and accept the terms 
  4. The parent’s name to acknowledge and accept the terms 
  5. The parent’s driver’s license
Then, click the “Continue” button.

Step 3: Parent or Guardian ID Verification


The name signed on the contract for the Parent will be listed on the Identity Verification Submission page.

  1. Enter the current mailing address for the parent who signed the contract. This will be used to validate the identity of the parent. 


The parent/guardian will be asked if they have lived in the U.S. for more than 3 years. 

Parent Information

The parent/guardian will be prompted to enter their details. Once done, click "Process Validation." 

Step 4: Verify the Student's Address & Start the Course

If you are taken to your dashboard and the parent was successfully verified, then you should see a blue button that says "Verify Address." Click the button.

You will be prompted to verify your address, then you will be able to begin the class.  
Enter the address on your TIPIC (temps) for the "Permit Address" and your mailing address for the "Certificate Mailing Address" (For the 24hr course, you can download your completion certificate. We will not mail it to you.) 

Click "Save and Continue" to return to the Dashboard. Click the blue button to start the course.


Help! I'm being prompted to upload something!

If your parent's identity did not get automatically  More Info: I need to verify the identity of me or my parent.

If your parent or guardian didn't get automatically approved, then you will see a button that says "Upload Affidavit". Click there to view the Parent Affidavit instructions. If you are taken to this page, the State of Ohio requires that you send us a completed, notarized 2Cool Traffic School Parent/Legal Guardian Affidavit. 
  1. Click the blue button to download and print the form.
  2. Fill it out and get it notarized. If you would like to have your document notarized from the comfort of home 24/7, you can do so for $25 at NotaryLive. Click here to get started >> 
    If you want to go to a library to get your document notarized, you can find Ohio notaries here.
  3. Take a photo of the completed form and then upload it to your account.
Tip: You can use your smartphone to take a photo of the completed document and upload it to your account by logging into the website from your phone.

When you log back in to upload the completed document, you will see the Parent Affidavit button on the account dashboard. Click there, then go to "Step 3: Upload Your Completed 2Cool Affidavit" where you can find the photo of your form and upload it to your account. Once you upload it, we will be notified to process it. If you are in a hurry, you can call us and we will process it over the phone so you can start the course immediately.

You can see that your submission went through by looking at your account dashboard.

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