How do I get my Ohio driver's license? (Adult)

How do I get my Ohio driver's license? (Adult)

OHIO EXCLUSIVE: This is for adults (18+ years old) in Ohio that are getting their driver's license.

Step 1: Take the Temps Test

As soon as you're ready, you can take the knowledge exam to get your Temps (TIPIC/Temporary Permit) at the BMV. 

To do that you must:
  1. Make an appointment at the BMV
  2. Gather your required documents
  3. Pass a vision screening
  4. Take and pass the Knowledge Exam
Note: If you fail the Knowledge Exam, you must wait 24 hours before you can try again.

Step 2: Driving Practice

After you get your Temps, make sure you practice the things that you will be tested on during the Road Test.
NOTE: Even as an adult, you can only drive if you are accompanied by a licensed driver that is 21 or older with a TIPIC (Temps) permit. 

Step 3: Take the Road Tests

After you feel comfortable with the amount of driving practice that you've had, you can schedule your road tests. 
The actual test is comprised of two parts: driving and maneuverability. 

The Driving Test
You will need to perform the following for the driving test:
  1. Stop & Start
  2. Turn around and back up
  3. Perform turns
  4. Use vehicle turn signals
  5. Drive in the correct lane
  6. Maintain a safe following distance
The Maneuverability Test
For the maneuverability test you will need to prove your proficiency in pulling forward and backing up in a confined space.

If you fail either portion of your road test, you will need to complete an education and driving requirement before you can retake the road test that you failed.
ALERT: Due to COVID-19, BMV offices have changed how they do their road testing. To maintain proper social distance, examiners remain outside of the car
while applicants perform driving maneuvers in closed course withing the parking lot at the BMV. Learn more.   

Step 4: Get Your License!

After you pass your driving tests, you will be issued a full license without restrictions.

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