Automatic Identity Verification

Automatic Identity Verification

OHIO EXCLUSIVE: The State of Ohio requires that parents, (if the student is under 18) verify their identity before the course can be started. 

Automatic Identity Verification

We use a state-approved, trusted 3rd party provider to verify the identity of students, parents or guardians (depending on the age of the participant). In most cases, you can successfully have your identity verified if you:
  1. Have lived in the U.S. for at least 3 years
  2. Have a social security number
  3. Enter your name, date of birth and address correctly
If you have recently moved, enter your OLD address with a longer residential history. After you have been verified, give us a call so we can make the correction to your address for you.

Do I need to enter my social security number (SSN)?

If you feel uncomfortable entering your SSN, you can enter 000-00-0000 instead. Entering your SSN improves the likelihood of getting approved through the automatic process, but you may still be able to successfully be validated if all of the other information is correct. 

Not able to get Automatically Validated: 

I am a parent with a student taking the Ohio 24hr Teen Driver Course:   >> Click Here >>

I am a student taking the Ohio Abbreviated Adult Driver Course or Ohio Remedial Driving Course:  >> Click Here >>

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