Tennessee Basic Driver Improvement FAQ's

Tennessee Basic Driver Improvement FAQ's

1. Are you guys approved by the state of Tennessee?
Yes! Our course is approved by the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security. 

2. Is there a deadline I have to complete the course?
Deadlines are usually determined by the Tennessee court. Make sure you get in touch with them so you can meet your deadline.

3. Am I eligible to take the 4-hour Defensive Driving Course?
Our Tennessee traffic course is state-approved by the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security. However, you should make sure that your county will accept online courses.

4. Is there a certificate of completion?
Yes. Upon completion of our 4-Hour Tennessee Defensive Driving Course, we will immediately provide you with a free downloadable certificate of completion.

5. What do I do after I pass the class?
You must deliver your certificate to the county clerk’s office in the county where your traffic citation or court order was received.

6. What is the price of the course?
The price is $34.99.

7. How do I sign up?

8. What’s on the Tennessee Defensive Driving Course?
There are six (6) chapters that each end with a 5-question chapter quiz and one (1) final exam with 25 questions. Visit our website for a list of online course topics.

9. What’s the course like?
Our class is fully narrated with fun activities and videos to make it more interesting, enjoyable and memorable! Our virtual guide, Sam, will guide you through the course by reading each of the 6 chapters to you. You can sit back and relax through our stress-free course.

10. Can I take the course online?
Yes! This course is available 100% online.

11. How long is the course?
This is a self-paced, 4-hour course. Depending on your learning speed, it might take a little longer.

12. Do I have to take all 4 hours at once?
Nope! You don’t have to take the course in a single session. You can start and stop the course whenever you want. It’ll pick up right where you left off.

13. Is there a test?
Yes, the final exam is 25 questions.

14. How many questions do I need to get right on the test?
You need to get 20 questions out of 25 questions correct (80%).

15. What if I don’t pass the test?
You are GUARANTEED to pass! If you fail, then you will simply retake the test for free until you pass.

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