My course expired, can I get an extension?

My course expired, can I get an extension?

In very specific circumstances, the Ohio DPS will allow us to extend the time that students have to complete their 24hr Teen Driver's Ed or 4hr Abbreviated course. 

Course Expiration Rules:
  1. 24hr Driver's Ed Course - Expires 6 months after starting the course
  2. 4hr Abbreviated Adult Course - Expires 90 days after starting the course
  3. 8hr Remedial Driving Course - Expires 30 days after starting the course
Extension Rule (24hr Driver's Ed):
All training as required in this rule and rule 4501-7-10 of the Administrative Code, provided by the enterprise shall be made available to, and completed by, the student within six months of the first date of training, unless mitigating circumstances occur. Mitigating circumstances include health and family issues that disrupt the student's ability to receive training. Mitigating circumstances do not include the inability to schedule training due to parent or student elective or extra-curricular activities, such as sports and school clubs. Mitigating circumstances shall be documented in the student's record. Requests for special circumstances not listed to be considered as "mitigating" shall be requested through the department. If no mitigating circumstances are approved, training will be voided and the student shall re-take the training. See full code.

Step 1: Confirm Mitigating Circumstance

  1. If it's due to health reasons, then we can request an extension from the OH DPS.
  2. If it's because of family issues (divorce/therapy/etc) then we can request an extension from the OH DPS.
  3. If it's because the student has a documented learning disability (with an IEP) then we can request an extension from the OH DPS.
  4. If it's because the student has been busy, overwhelmed with schoolwork, etc then we cannot grant them an extension. They will need to take the course again from the beginning.

Step 2: Get the Supporting Documentation

We need to have proof to show to Ohio DPS so that they can approve and authorize the extension request.
 ACCEPTABLE            Letter from a physician, doctor, surgeon, chiropractor, therapist, etc.
 ACCEPTABLE            IEP documentation
NOT ACCEPTABLE    Hospital bills/fee statements   

If you have a mitigating circumstance, you must have documentation. For a request for an extension due to a divorce or other family matters, this is still the case. Ohio DPS requires a letter from a medical professional.

Step 3: Send the Request to2Cool Traffic School

Once you have the document, send it to us. Be sure to include "Request for Extension" in the subject line for the email and include the name, email address, and reason for the extension in the body of the email. Once we have it, we will send the request to the OH DPS and they will let us know if the request has been approved or denied, and how much of an extension they will authorize. 

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