I need a new certificate (Florida)

I need a new certificate (Florida)

FLORIDA EXCLUSIVE: This applies to getting a new certificate of completion for one of our Florida courses. 

For all of our Florida courses, you are able to immediately download and print your certificate of completion. However, if you accidentally entered information incorrectly when you were registering for the course, then you will need us to make the corrections, submit the new record to the state and provide you with a new certificate to ensure that you will get credit for your course completion.

To get a new certificate issued, you will need to pay the new certificate fee and either give us a call at (844) 602-1555 or send us an email with the information that you need to have corrected. Processing your new certificate is quick and can be done within just a few minutes by phone.

During registration, make sure to double-check these details.
  1. Name
  2. Date of birth
  3. Social security number (Last 4)
  4. Citation number (BDI Course Only)
  5. Driver's License number (BDI Course Only) 

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