I'm registering for the Ohio Remedial Course but do not have my license number.

I'm registering for the Ohio Remedial Course but do not have my license number.

You may not know what to enter if your license has been suspended or revoked for a long time. Please see below for how you can find it.

Option 1: Enter your Ohio ID number.

If you do not have a valid driver's license, you may still have a photo ID issued by the State of Ohio. The number listed on your ID card (2 letters and 6 numbers) will match your driver's license number. You can use that number during registration!
If you have an old TIPIC (Temps) permit, you could find the number listed on that.

Option 2: Call the Courthouse

If you were court-ordered to complete the course OR if there is a record of your traffic violations with the courthouse, you may be able to contact them to ask them to confirm what your driver's license number is so that it is accurate on your certificate
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Option 3: Request a Driving Record

If you do not have a Driver's License or State ID, you can request your driving record from the BMV for $5. The record will have your driver's license number. Request your driving record here.

Option 4: Leave the License area blank.

This could lead to delays and minor issues, but they can be worked through.

Please let us know if you would like us to report your completion without a driver's license number. We can report your completion without a license number, however, there may be snags along the process, both during the registration process with us and with your completion certificate. If your local BMV does not accept your certificate without a license number on it, you will need to reach out to the Ohio Department of Public Safety so that they can get involved. They would then reach out to the BMV location and tell them to accept the certificate. 

Contact information for the Ohio DPS:
(614) 466-3524