I completed the TLSAE a long time ago, do I have to take it again?

I completed the TLSAE a long time ago, do I have to take it again?

FLORIDA EXCLUSIVE: For people who have completed the TLSAE (also known as the Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Course or the Drug and Alcohol Course) in the past.

If you have taken and completed the TLSAE in the past, then the State of Florida will have the record of your completion and you won't need to retake it unless specifically told to do so by the DMV. If you are concerned, you should give them a call. However, if you have taken the Class E Knowledge Exam (also known as the learner's permit or driver's license exam) and wait a year or more before getting your Florida Learner's Permit or license, you will need to take the Class E Knowledge Exam again.

Unsure if you completed the course?
Take a look at the state records to see if you can proof of completion. If you don't see proof of completion, give your local DMV a call to verify. If you can't find proof that you took the course in it's entirety, then you will need to take the course. When looking for first time driver courses on the Traffic School Completion Check, search by date of birth and social security number or alien registration number.

Visit the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle's Traffic School Completion Check to see when you took the course.

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