How do I pass the Ohio Abbreviated Adult Course?

How do I pass the Ohio Abbreviated Adult Course?

OHIO EXCLUSIVE: This applies to any person who failed any portion of their driving test in Ohio and is taking the Abbreviated Adult Driver Training course so that they can retake their test at the BMV.

You MUST spend at least 4 hours in the course.

The State of Ohio requires that you spend a minimum of 4 hours in the course, going through the content and learning the material. However, time can vary based on your learning speed and how often you start or stop the course, which is why many of our students spend more than 4 hours.

You MUST complete the course within 90 days.

The State of Ohio requires anyone who starts taking the program to complete it within 90 days. Otherwise, the course will be locked and you will need to start over from the beginning, regardless of your progress. If this happens, click the re-enroll button on your account dashboard. You will need to pay a small re-enrollment fee, but will not have to pay the full price of the course again.

You MUST get at least 15 questions correct on the final exam.

There is a 20-question, multiple-choice exam at the end of the course. In order to pass the course, you have to pass the test with at least a 75%. If you don't pass the test, you have to wait 24 hours before you can try again. Use that time to review the material so you pass the next time! 

You MUST pass the final exam within 3 attempts.

The State of Ohio requires that you only have 3 tries to pass the final exam. If you don't pass the final exam after three attempts, then you will need to take the course again from the beginning. If this happens, reach out to us and we will give you the course again for free so you don't have to pay again.

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