How do I get my Ohio driver's license? (Teen)

How do I get my Ohio driver's license? (Teen)

OHIO EXCLUSIVE: This is for teens (15 years and 5 months - 17 years old) in Ohio that are getting their driver's license.

Step 1: Complete the Education Requirements

  1. Enroll in the 24 hour Driver Ed Course (Age must be at least 15 years, 5 months)
  2. Complete 2 hours in the course to receive your Certificate of Enrollment. This is required before you can enroll in driver training.
You can only take up to a maximum of 4 hrs in the course each day, then you will be locked out for 24 hours (per the Ohio BMV regulations). After 24 hours passes, you can return to the course.  

Step 2: Take the Temps Test

Once you are 15 years 6 months, you can take the knowledge exam to get your Temps (TIPIC/Temporary Permit).

To do that you must:
  1. Make an appointment at the BMV
  2. Arrange to have a parent or guardian accompany you
  3. Gather your required documents
  4. Pass a vision screening
  5. Take and pass the Knowledge Exam
  6. Visit a deputy registrar license agency to get your temps. (Must bring your documentation)
Note: You must have the TIPIC for 6 months before you can take your Road Test and apply for a Probationary Driver's License.

Step 3: Six Months of Driving Practice

After you get your Temps, make sure you practice the things that you will be tested on during the Road Test. You need to have your Temps for at least 6 months and meet the teen driving practice requirements before you can take the Road Test.
  1. Complete the 24 hour Teen Driver's Ed Course (if you haven't already finished it) 
  2. Spend 8 hours with a professional driving instructor from a local driving school
    1. You will need your Completion Certificate from the course and your Temps before you can start behind-the-wheel driving at a school.
    2. When you're finished with the online course and complete 8 hours with the instructor, the driving school can give you a certificate that shows that you completed the Ohio training requirements. 
  3. Complete 50 hours of driving practice with your parent or guardian, 10 of the hours must be done at night.
    1. To show proof of 50 hours with a parent or guardian, you will need to provide the BMV with a Fifty Hour Affidavit.

Step 4: Take the Road Tests

After you have completed all the above requirements, you are then ready to take your driving test. 
The actual test is comprised of two parts: driving and maneuverability. If you fail either one of them, you will only need to retake the one that you failed. 

The Driving Test
You will need to perform the following for the driving test:
  1. Stop & Start
  2. Turn around and back up
  3. Perform turns
  4. Use vehicle turn signals
  5. Drive in the correct lane
  6. Maintain a safe following distance
The Maneuverability Test
For the maneuverability test you will need to prove your proficiency in pulling forward and backing up in a confined space.

ALERT: Due to COVID-19, BMV offices have changed how they do their road testing. To maintain proper social distance, examiners remain outside of the car 
while applicants perform driving maneuvers in closed course withing the parking lot at the BMV. Learn more.   

Step 5: Get Your License!

You'll now have a Probationary License! It will allow you to drive without a parent or guardian in the car, but since you are still new to driving, there are several restrictions. 

First 12 Months: 
  1. You can't drive after midnight and before 6am unless parent or guardian is with you.
    1. You can drive to work, school or church events in the restricted hours with the proper documents.
  2. You can't drive with more than one non-family member as a passenger without a parent or guardian. 
Next 12 Months: 
  1. You can't drive after 1am and before 5 am unless a parent or guardian is with you. 

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