Florida BDI Certificate and Citation Help

Florida BDI Certificate and Citation Help

Florida BDI Citation Help -Basic Driver Improvement Course

  1. You can't enter a citation number and a court case number.
  2. Your citation number is found on your citation (see image below)
  3. You need to enter your driver's license number

Things You Can Change on your Account (see image below how to do that)
  1. Reasons to take the course
    1. BDI Election (for a traffic ticket to avoid the points)
    2. BDI Court Order (if a judge told you to take the course AND they want the court case number ONLY to appear on the certificate INSTEAD of the citation number)
    3. BDI for TCAC (if you received a letter from the state OR the DMV told you to take the course)
  2. Citation number
    If you enter a citation number, you should NOT select "BDI Court Order" for the reason you are taking the course.
  3. Citation Date
  4. Court Case #
    ONLY enter a Court Case # if a judge told you to take the course AND they want the court case number on the certificate instead of a citation number. If you enter a Court Case #, be sure that you select the BDI Court Order option.
  5. Date of Birth
  6. SSN

NOTE: If you have already finished the course and been issued a certificate, you will NOT be able to make changes. You will need to contact support. If you are receiving an error make sure your account has: a driver's license number, a correct address, a correction citation number OR a correct court case number.

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