Can I get my Remedial Course for free through the BMV's Reinstatement Fee Amnesty Program?

Can I get my Remedial Course for free through the BMV's Reinstatement Fee Amnesty Program?

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles has a driver license reinstatement fee debt reduction and amnesty program for people whose driver licenses are suspended for specific violations. Eligible drivers are automatically mailed a notice of enrollment in the amnesty program. Being in the Reinstatement Fee Amnesty Program can allow you to have BMV reinstatement fees waived or reduced. It DOES NOT cover the fees for any courses you must complete as part of your reinstatement requirements such as the Adult Remedial Course.

To activate the program and reinstatement fee payment plan, you must submit:
  1. Proof of insurance
  2. Insurance card,
  3. Declaration page, policy, or other proof that can be verified.
To apply for a complete waiver of fees, you must:
  1. Complete the Application for BMV Reinstatement Fee Amnesty Initiative (form BMV 2829)
  2. Submit proof of indigence
  3. Proof of insurance, form BMV 2829, and/or proof of indigence may be submitted:
    1. By email:
      By fax: 1-614-308-5110
      In person at a deputy registrar license agency.
      NOTE: A service fee may be charged

      By mail to:
      Attn: ALS/Points
      P.O. Box16521
      Columbus, OH 43216-6521

For complete information about this process, please visit:

If you are seeking assistance to help cover course fees, you might try reaching out to organizations such as the ones below:

Ohio Means Jobs (888-296-7541)
Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services (1-844-640-6446)

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