I'm being asked to pay for the course again even though I already paid

I'm being asked to pay for the course again even though I already paid

Check to make sure that your payment was processed successfully. If you entered your payment details but the billing zip code was entered incorrectly, the payment won't process.
This is how we help prevent credit card fraud.

To see if the payment went through, you can check with your bank or look at your 2Cool Traffic School student account details.
  1. Login to your account
  2. At the top of the screen, click "Account"
  3. Click "Purchase History"
  4. See if there is any payment listed.
    1. If the payment went through, it will show "Successful"
    2. If the payment was attempted but an incorrect billing zip code was entered, it will show "Pending Stripe Verification"

If you have confirmed that your payment was successfully processed and you do not have access to your course, please reach out to us so we can assist you.

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